CA Kit Blue Rhapsody Peacocks


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The Blue Rapsody Peacocks framed wall art features two magnificent peacocks in all their feathered glory. The Crystal Art Large Framed Kit wall art is conveniently mounted on a wooden frame, so it’s wrinkle free and ready to display after it’s embellished. No unnecessary unrolling of the canvas, pressing out creases, or searching for a frame. Simply enjoy this therapeutic activity right out of the box. The versatile double-sided crystal pick-up pen allows you to pick up a single crystal or up to three at a time, for those who are in a hurry to make a dazzling gift!

Approximately 16 to 18 hours assembly time. Framed canvas is 19.7″ x 15.75″. Full crystal.

Crystal Art Large Framed Kit includes:

Coded adhesive canvas template & chart
Coded pre-sorted crystal packets
Two double-sided crystal pick-up pens
Jelly wax
Two grooved crystal trays
Ziplock bags

Age: 8+